Shots Fired in Pirate Raid on Offshore Vessel

Photo by Shaah Shahidh/Unsplash
Photo by Shaah Shahidh/Unsplash

Injured Crewman Amid Pirate Raid on Offshore Vessel

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Reports have come in of shots and injuries aboard an offshore support vessel in Gabon in the Gulf of Guinea, although details are limited.

On Sunday September 5, three armed men are to have boarded the 4,345-dwt Tampen supply vessel located 8km from shore at the Libreville anchorage, and engaged with the crew who tried to deter the attack resulting in reports of shots fired and two crew members incurring injuries. One crew member is listed as being shot, both crew members were transported to the hospital.

There are also unconfirmed reports that an additional crew member may be missing and possibly has been kidnapped. The investigation continues into this matter.  If proved, this would list as the second time this year a kidnapping has occured in Gabonese waters.

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