Hempel exhibiting innovative hull coating system at Danish Maritime Fair

HEMPEL Hempaguard MaX
HEMPEL Hempaguard MaX

Leading global coatings provider, Hempel, is showcasing its most advanced fouling defence coating solution – Hempaguard MaX – at the Danish Maritime Fair this week. At a time when our industry becomes ever more challenging, innovative solutions are paving the way to maximise operational efficiencies for shipowners around the world.


Our industry continues to push towards a decarbonised future following the International Maritime Organization (IMO) ambitious Greenhous Gas emissions (GHG) strategy that was set out in 2018. In 2021, this goal was refined when the IMO announced the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), both of which are scheduled to come into force in 2023, and score vessels on efficiency. To meet them, most shipowners are having to look to every aspect of a ship’s operations to reduce emissions and increase their performance, and the choice of coating on a ship’s hull could have significant impact. 

The reason behind this is simple. Advanced hull coatings improve the hull’s hydrodynamics, which reduces fuel use and associated carbon and sulphur emissions, and can deliver a faster return on investment than other available energy efficiency technologies. 


Hempaguard MaX is a unique three-coat system that not only provides vessels with a smoother hull, but it can also be applied in just three layers, reducing time in dry dock by up to two days. This new smooth coating system achieves a significantly low average hull roughness which reduces drag resulting in lower fuel requirements for a vessel. Thanks to its improved fouling protection, it delivers a guaranteed maximum speed loss* of 1.2 per cent over five years (according to the ISO 19030).  

Additionally, Hempaguard MaX allows full trading flexibility without restriction on water temperature, trading area or trading pattern. With these exceptional out of dock fuel savings and operational flexibility, Hempaguard MaX maximises efficiency and reduces operational costs.

A three-coat system

The power behind Hempaguard MaX is its ability to successfully utilise the synergies between its three different layers: Hempaprime Immerse 900, tie-coat Nexus II, and Hempaguard X8. Built on the overwhelming success of Hempel’s leading hull coating Hempaguard X7, the topcoat Hempaguard X8 delivers exceptional antifouling performance. It incorporates Hempel’s enhanced patented Actiguard® technology that combines the smoothness of a silicone coating with an improved hydrogel microlayer and active ingredient.   

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Hempaprime Immerse 900 is an anticorrosive primer that can be applied in one coat, while Nexus II is a next generation tie-coat technology with improved anticorrosive capabilities. Together, they provide the same protection delivered by two standard maintenance epoxy coats, and ultimately save money for the shipowner and operator. 

Hempel is exhibiting at Danish Maritime Fair at stand no. 24. Please come and visit to discuss innovative coating solutions and how your choice in hull coating can impact your CII score and maximise your operational efficiency.

Hempaguard MaX at a glance:

  • Powerful advanced fouling defence coating system with increased smoothness.
  • Low average hull roughness driven by the whole coating system – improving fuel efficiency.
  • 1.2 per cent maximum guaranteed speed loss* over five years.
  • Enhanced anti-corrosive capabilities.
  • Three coat system that saves up to two days in dock – saving time and money.
  • Improved idle time antifouling guarantee of 120 days.
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