First Woman to Lead U.S. Coast Guard Nominated

Photo by Thomas Ashlock/Unsplash
Photo by Thomas Ashlock/Unsplash

Biden Appoints Linda Fagan as Coast Guard Commandant

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Admiral Linda Fagan, Vice Commandant of the United States Coast Guard, has been nominated by United States President Joe Biden to become the next Commandant of the Coast Guard. When confirmed, she will be the only woman to date that has lead one of the branches of the United States military.

Admiral Fagan will take over from Admiral Karl Schultz, the current Commandant of the Coast Guard, once she is confirmed.

Schultz said, “Admiral Fagan is an exceptional senior Coast Guard officer and nominee, possessing the keen intellect, the depth of operational experience, and the well-honed leadership and managerial acumen to serve with distinction as our Service’s 27th Commandant.”

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