Tensions Grow Between US and China as Warship Enters Waters

Photo by Ian Yates/Unsplash
Photo by Ian Yates/Unsplash

US Deny’s Entering China’s Waters but China is Not So Sure


A new dispute has come about between China and US as China is under the impression that the USS Benfold, a US Navy warship illegally crossed into their territorial waters of the South China Sea although the US Navy denies.

The US Navy released a statement, “The United States defends the right of every nation to operate at sea and in the air as permitted by international law.”

The Chinese army says they tracked the vessel once it crossed over into its territorial waters and gave the ship a warning, but the US Navy argues that no warnings were given to the vessel as they were not in their waters and acting accordingly to the international law at hand.

China then released a statement of serious consequences could unfold for the US if they are found to be violating their South China Sea waters.

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