Japan, India Seek Free Maritime Order

Japanese Naval Ship Japan Navy
Pictured is a Japanese Naval Ship. Talks about the constantly evolving scenario in the Indo-Pacific region have been ongoing between India and Japan. Image Courtesy - Arron Choi, Unsplash.

A free and open maritime order has been sought by both nations against China’s growing influence.

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Amidst growing Chinese influence, Japan and India have sought to cooperate on ensuring that maritime affairs in the region remain free and open, as reported by Brahmand.

Both Rajnath Singh, the Defence Minister of India, and Nobuo Kishi, his Japanese counterpart, discussed regional dynamics over a telephone conversation, as confirmed by the Japanese Ministry of Defence.

A statement on the conversation released by the Japanese Ministry of Defence stated, “The ministers affirmed their intention to continue exchanging views in light of the current events occurring in the region and concurred in sending a clear message that they strongly oppose any attempts to unilaterally change the status quo by coercion or any activities that escalate tension.”

India’s Defence Ministry released its own statement on the interaction between the two leaders, affirming that “The ministers reviewed the progress on various bilateral defence cooperation initiatives and expressed commitment to further elevate engagements between the armed forces under the framework of the India-Japan special strategic and global partnership.”

This comes in the wake of heightened military aggression from China, shown in both the East as well as South China seas.

Together, Japan and India have stressed on a free and open maritime order which unequivocally follows the law.

Marine cooperation between the two nations has witnessed a surge of late, with the joint Malabar exercise carried out last month in November, along with a bilateral naval drill which was held earlier this year in September.

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