Four Rescued from Burning Fishing Vessel by US Coastguard

Photo and video courtesy of USCG.
Photo and video courtesy of USCG.

Dramatic footage shows flames lighting up the night.

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The US coastguard rescued four people from a burning fishing vessel off the coast of Alabama on Monday evening near Fort Morgan, reports The Maritime Executive.

Coast Guard Sector Mobile received a mayday call at about 1845 local time and diverted two MH-65 helicopters that were on training exercises in the area to the vessel’s position south of Fort Morgan. A rescue swimmer and life raft were lowered, and all four of the fishing boat’s crew were able to abandon ship and climb into the raft. It appears that the video of the blazing boat was captured from the life raft, as the camera angle is low to the water.

The final phase of the rescue was executed by a boat crew dispatched from Coast Guard Station Dauphin Island and the stricken vessel’s crew were evacuated to medical services ashore. Local media also reports that the Gulf Shores Fire Department and the Mobile Bar Pilots also assisted in the operation. Cleanup and salvage operations are underway, as is an investigation into the cause of the fire.

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