Widening of Suez Canal Expansion Expected Complete in 2023

Suezkanalen. Arkivfoto: Samuel Hanna / Unsplash

24 Month Expansion Work for Suez Canal Widening


The Suez Canal is currently undergoing the work of a widening and deepening project of its canal spearheaded by the  Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and other entities which in the future, would provide space for an additional six ships to fit in the second lane.

On January 16 the Suez Canal Authority announced that they plan to have the project complete within two years time.

Chairman Osama Rabie stated, “The project will be completed in 24 months. We started in July 2021 and God willing we will finish in July 2023,” he continued. “This will improve ship navigation by 28% in this difficult part of the canal.”

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