V-Bunkers via Vitol Building Hybrid Bunker Tankers

Photo by Esmonde Yong/Unsplash
Photo by Esmonde Yong/Unsplash

Electric Hybrid Bunker Tankers Planned for Singapore


An order has been placed for the new build of two electric hybrid bunker tankers to be placed to operate in Asia’s top bunkering hub, Singapore.

Dutch company Vitol and V-Bunkers which is an extension, makes this a monumental move for Singapore as it is the first emissions-reducing technology in relation to Singapore bunker tankers.

The first bunker tanker is expected to be delivered in late 2022 which will be built with Lithium ion batteries to store energy which coincides with the Energy Storage Systems (ESS) technology, an automated Power Management System (PMS) and other electric-hybrid technology.

“We are proud and delighted to be the first to contribute to the reduction of emissions in the port of Singapore through deployment of these electric-hybrid bunker tankers,” said Mike Muller, Head of Vitol Asia.

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