Supply Chain Delays Happening Again Across US


Congestion Takes Hold Again with Supply Chain Delays Spread Across the United States


AIS data on Aug 9 is showing around 30 ships anchored in San Pedro Bay in Southern California’s Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach, with Maersk Inc. issuing notifications to customers that they could be in for a long wait. 

Several weeks ago, it was discovered that the number of vessels anchoring in Southern California had nearly doubled. 

The carrier added that there was a two-week delay to container dwell times as well as increased difficulties in trucking delays in the east and south-east. Delays in US import deliveries and return of empties to Asia for exports is further exacerbated by rail congestion. 

Average dwell times in the United States have increased by 35%, with the carrier predicting that overall capacity will decrease by 35% as a result.

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