MSC adds services and equipment to ease supply-chain crunch

Image: MSC.
Image: MSC.

MSC CEO Speaks at World Ports Conference in Antwerp


In a press release, MSC says it has been continuously investing to help manage the unprecedented demand on the supply chain as a result of the COVID pandemic.

The company has added eight new services in the past few months, deployed all available vessel capacity, and provided hundreds of thousands of additional containers.

“The supply chain has been under amazing pressure and there are a number of factors contributing to it,” CEO Soren Toft said, speaking in Antwerp, Belgium, on 23 June.

“Our company, our industry, has really demonstrated that we could keep supply chains moving despite all the issues.”

Toft said MSC was very focused on minimising supply chain disruption, even if shipping and logistics companies are not the cause of the dislocation in the container market.

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