Monkeys Aboard Royal Navy Ship Jump into the Ocean

Credit: Royal Navy
Credit: Royal Navy

Stowaway Monkeys Aboard Royal Navy Ship Jump Overboard to Avoid Capture


A Royal Navy ship, the RFA Wave Knight caused quite a stir when they radioed officials at Grand Turk Island located in the Atlantic to advise they noticed stowaway green monkeys aboard the ship who may have boarded in Bridgetown, Barbados.

The officials on land advised the sailors they would not be able to dock as the animals aboard caused “biosecurity reasons” therefore the monkeys needed to be caught and obtained before being allowed to dock.

A search ensued and sailors were table to locate what appeared to be a mother monkey and her baby who was grasping onto her.

As the crew tried to capture her with a net, she jumped overboard an estimated 80ft with her baby attached into the sea below.

A source close to the scene said, “It all went wrong when the crew was trying to net her. It was really bad. But she was doing doggy-paddle in the sea and her baby was holding on. You could see land.”

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