Sweden Launches World’s First Methanol-powered Pilot Boat

Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker/Unsplash
Photo by Maximilian Weisbecker/Unsplash

Swedish Maritime Administration Pilot Boat Converted to Run on Methanol


A Swedish Maritime Administration (SMA) 14.4 meter long pilot boat had a methanol powered engine installed in its normal engine room converting the vessel to run on methanol.

Launched by Fastwater and developed by Swedish-based ScandiNOAS, the engines power can reach 415 kw at 2,100 rpm and estimated to reduce NOx by 75%.

Fredrik Backman, head of shipping management at SMA stated, “Our redesigned pilot boat is an important piece of the puzzle in our larger and broader transition work towards a completely fossil-free boat and ship fleet. The pilot boat will now be put to the test, something that happens through many hours of tough and continuous testing. Tests that will then be evaluated and analyzed.”

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