Mediterranean Shipping Company is Now the World’s Top Shipping Line

Photo by Athanasios Papazacharias/Unsplash
Photo by Athanasios Papazacharias/Unsplash

Maersk Falls Second as MSC Climbs to Top in Shipping Industry


Data was compiled and published on January 5 by Alphaliner which shows that in terms of shipping capacity, Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) has beat out Maersk and become the worlds top container shipping line.

After holding the number one spot for many years, Copenhagen-based Maersk is not concerned about falling as it still has the most owned vessels out of the two companies.

“It does not mean anything,” Maersk Chief Executive Officer Soren Skou stated in an interview. “The important thing for us is to grow with our clients by enticing existing customers to buy logistics services from Maersk rather than its rivals with an expanded offering in land transport.”

MCS’s fleet has the ability to carry 1,888 more standard 20-foot containers than Maersk.

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