Libyan attack on migrant boat to be investigated by Italy

Image: Sea-Watch.
Image: Sea-Watch.

Prosecutors in Sicily have opened an investigation against the Libyan coastguard after one of its patrol boats was filmed firing shots at a migrant boat near Malta.


Italian officials are investigating an attack by the Libyan coastguard vessel, Ras Jadir, after it was filmed firing shots at and trying to ram an open boat full of migrants. The footage was filmed from the air by the migrant charity Sea-Watch on 30th June.

After receiving a complaint from Sea-Watch on Friday, officials in Agrigento have decided to investigate the “attempted shipwreck”. The Libyan vessel is one of four patrol boats provided by Italy to the Libyan coastguard.

The Libyan coastguard, which has dismissed any allegations of violence in the past, said in a statement they would look into the matter.

More than 800 people have died trying to cross to Europe from North Africa so far this year, according to the IOM’s Missing Migrants Project.

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