European Police Arrest 29 People in Migrant Smuggling Operation

Photo by Marcin Ciszewski/Unsplash
Photo by Marcin Ciszewski/Unsplash

29 People Arrested in Migrant Smuggling and Stolen Yachts Operation


On January 19 it was announced that at least 29 people were arrested in raids that were conducted in Albania, Greece and Italy after it was found by Europol that there was a migrant smuggling operation that had been occurring since 2020 throughout those countries bringing individuals to Italy.

These people were estimated to have profited hundreds of millions of euro’s throughout the networks existence as 1,100 migrants are thought to have been smuggled into Italy with their help over time.

Using stolen yachts, smugglers were said to be charging 5,000 euros per person as they took them from Turkey to Italy.

It was also found that land crossings were occurring from Greece to Italy.

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