Maersk intensifies its drive for plastic-free oceans

The Ocean Cleanup Maersk Supply Service
Image Courtesy - Maersk Supply Service.

A.P. Møller-Maersk and The Ocean Cleanup extend their partnership for three years.

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By Vikram Malik, Maritime Direct India Correspondent

In an official press release, Maersk Supply Service A/S has affirmed its commitment towards providing all necessary assistance in helping rid the oceans of plastics.

Alongside, the company has set up a Plastic Policy framework which will specifically focus on ways and means by which it could cut down plastic waste generated by its own operations.

There are three fundamental principles guiding Maersk’s Plastic Policy:

Maersk Supply Service A/S upholds to keep the learnings it gains from these initiatives, fully transparent. It will also be forthcoming on the results gained from the entire exercise.

Sensors that detect floating plastic in the oceans

Maersk’s partnership with the Dutch Non-profit organisation The Ocean Cleanup has been ongoing since 2018. Company divisions actively involved in this clean-up drive include anchor handlers like Maersk Handler, Maersk Transporter, and Maersk Launcher.

An instance of the way Maersk Supply Service and The Ocean Cleanup are collaborating involves the latter’s deployment of sensors aboard Maersk’s fleet. These sensors constantly map plastic floating in the oceans, thus helping gauge the magnitude of the problem.

On its part, The Ocean Cleanup, founded by Boyan Slat in 2013, has striven to develop an array of advanced technologies all aimed at ridding oceans around the world of plastics. A key method for this involves stopping the inflow of plastic from rivers. Alongside, it will continue to clean up plastic that has already collected in the oceans. Ultimately, it aspires to reach a level of 90% reduction in floating plastic in the oceans, by 2040.

Test phases on this have taken place both in the North Sea as well as the Pacific Ocean. Eventually, the fall of 2020 saw new and completely recycled products made from the first collection of plastic waste.

A commitment towards cleaner oceans – for generations to come

Commenting on the development, CEO of Maersk Supply Service, Steen S. Karstensen, said “Our seafarers sail the ocean every day and see the increasing problem with plastic polluting our oceans. As a responsible maritime operator, Maersk Supply Service is committed to ensuring the oceans remain a healthy environment for future generations to come. We look forward to continuing the collaboration with The Ocean Cleanup and providing project management and marine support over the coming years.”

VP, Corporate Communications & Sustainability at Maersk, Mette Refshaugeadded “As a responsible maritime operator, we are committed to ensuring that the oceans can remain a healthy environment for generations to come. We are therefore very pleased to not just prolong but broaden the partnership agreement initiated back in 2018.”

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