Inflatable Sail Trial Run by Michelin to Occur

Photo: Michelin
Photo: Michelin

Michelin Attempts to Commercialize an Inflatable Sail for Vessels


In a trial forecasted to occur in 2022, tire manufacturer Michelin who teamed up with Swiss inventors and debuted its Wing Sail Mobility (WISAMO) is expecting to install a 100 sq m wing prototype on a vessel in an attempt to commercialize the inflatable wing sail for vessel use which has the ability to reduce the consumption of fuel by 20%.

Michelin stated, “This installation will allow the WISAMO wing to be tested in real commercial maritime navigation conditions and will thus participate in the industrial development phase of this new technology. If the tests prove conclusive, this partnership agreement would pave the way for tests with a larger sail, allowing a real step towards the decarbonization of maritime transport.”

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