Havila Kystruten Impacted by Sanctions Against Russia

Photo by Polina Rytova/Unsplash
Photo by Polina Rytova/Unsplash

Norweigian Cruise Ship Impacted by Russia Sanctions


Sanctions against Russia has caused Norway shipping company, Havila Kystruten, to recently remove its cruise vessel, the Havila Capella, from service.

The Havila Capella, while a Norweigan ship, is financed through and therefore formally owned by a Russian company that is based in Hong Kong, China, called GTLK. The shipping company noted that prior to Russia’s assault of Ukraine, GTLK was a reputable company.

“Havila Capella is registered in the Norwegian Ordinary Ship Register with the Hong Kong company as the formal owner following a dispensation from the Norwegian authorities in accordance with Norwegian law,” said Havila Kystruten. The company also noted that it is hoping for a solution soon.

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