2021 Reports as Busiest Year Ever for Port of Long Beach

Long Beach California- Photo by Ameer Basheer/Unsplash
Long Beach California- Photo by Ameer Basheer/Unsplash

2021 Record Set by Port of Long Beach


The Port of Long Beach which is the second busiest port in the US has reported record breaking annual cargo numbers for 2021.

An estimated 15% increase from 2021 has occurred with the port handling 9.3m TEUs over the previous years 8.11m TEUs.

Exports were reported to have declined by 2.6% and in part due to the Covid-19 pandemic, congestion and other factors, the port moved an estimated 3.3m TEUs in empty containers which was up an astonishing 27.5%.

Annual imports were up 14.6% in the country in part by new spending habits that were observed by consumers buying more goods for stay-at-home use.

The Port of Long Beach Executive Director Mario Cordero stated, “This incredible milestone was achieved by the skilled workers who keep goods moving through the supply chain as we continue to seek solutions to improve efficiency, attract business and build for the future.”

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