Sailors’ Society Launches Grants for Seafarers Families in Need

Photo by Adam Nir/Unsplash
Photo by Adam Nir/Unsplash

New Grant Approved to Support Seafarers and Their Families


The Sea Change Fund which is a new grant that was recently approved and launched by Sailors’ Society a maritime charity, will be able to provide support and urgent grants to help support families connected to seafarers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic causing seafarer sickness, unemployment and other issues, calls to the crisis charity have increased by 850% which prompted the need for the urgent grant approval which will provide small emergency payments to help the families.

“Calls for support have never been greater than now. We launched our Sea Change Fund to help answer these cries, so seafarers and their families who need urgent financial assistance to pay for food, medical bills, schooling or a roof over their heads can get support quickly,” said Sailors’ Society’s CEO, Sara Baade.

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