Russia to Start Testing Missiles from Nuclear Submarine

Photo by Marc-Antoine Déry/Unsplash
Photo by Marc-Antoine Déry/Unsplash

Hypersonic Missile Testing from Russia


Moscow has set itself the goal of arming its undersea fleet with hypersonic missiles, and is currently making progress with plans to conduct tests of the hypersonic missiles by the end of August, as part of that effort.

Tsirkon missile tests are expected to begin soon, which is developed by the rocket design bureau NPO Mashinostroyenia. Russia’s state news agency reported on Aug 6 that the missile will be tested this month from the northern fleet’s Yasen-class Severodvinsk nuclear-powered submarine.

Moscow’s intentions for equipping its submarines and surface ships with the Tsirkon by 2023 are apparent in the proposed testing of the system in August.

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