Galapagos Islands Gets Marine Protection Extended Further Out

Photo by Amy Perez/Unsplash
Photo by Amy Perez/Unsplash

New Marine Preserve for Galápagos Islands


On January 14 the Galápagos Islands, which already has one of the worlds largest marine reserves established at an estimated 138,000 square kilometers (53,500 square miles) will get a 60,000 square kilometer, around 23,000 square miles extension.

Ecuador wants to further increase its protection of endangered species in the area due to its rich natural habitat.

This initiative is part of the agreement made at the UN Climate Summit alongside Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama.

Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso stated, “Today we’re declaring a marine reserve with an area of 60,000 square kilometers, equivalent to an area three times the size of Belize.”

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