Royal Dutch Shell ordered to cut emission by 45% by 2030

Image: Shell.
Image: Shell.

Landmark case brought by Friends of the Earth in Holland.


Royal Dutch Shell has been ordered by a court in the Hague to cut its global carbon emissions by 45% by the end of 2030 in a landmark case brought by Friends of the Earth and over 17,000 plaintiffs.

The court found the oil giant’s sustainability policy to be insufficiently “concrete”.

The unprecedented ruling will have wide implications for the energy industry and could start a wave of similar cases worldwide.

Lawyer for Friends of the Earth, Roger Cox said organisations across the world should “pick up the gauntlet”.

“This is a turning point in history. This case is unique because it is the first time a judge has ordered a large polluting corporation to comply with the Paris climate agreement. This ruling may also have major consequences for other big polluters.”

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