French Solo Traveler Vanishes at Sea

Photo by Oliver Cole/Unsplash
Photo by Oliver Cole/Unsplash

Boat Found, Solo Adventurer Still Missing


75 year-old avid traveler Jean-Jacques Savin from France has gone missing from his rowboat after he set out for a solo rowboat journey across the Atlantic when he left Portugal on January 1.

A distress signal was obtained by the Portuguese Navy on January 20 at which time they deployed several ships and aircraft to search the area near the Azores archipelago. Upon arrival, they discover the rowboat overturned in rough waters.

The rowboat was taken in by the Portuguese Navy, and an alert was sent out to all ships in the area to advise of the missing man although officially calling off the search.

An update on the rescue was made on January 25 by a Navy spokesperson who stated, “There have been no further sightings or information since.”

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