FedEx Uses Alternate Port for TransPac Service Route

Photo by Bannon Morrissy/Unsplash
Photo by Bannon Morrissy/Unsplash

West Coast Port Congestion Causes FedEx to Use Alternate Port


FedEx Logistics has had to find alternate ways to handle its containers as congestion at West Coast ports have slowed some of its handling.

An agreement was recently made between the west coast Port of Hueneme, Naval Base Ventura County and FedEx Logistics to be able to charter and unload its cargo in the area.

Three vessels will be chartered, one is already en route from China to arrive on January 30 loaded with electronics, automotive items, clothing and other retail items.

Commanding officer Capt. Robert “Bar” Kimnach III stated, “he Working together through our standing joint use agreement, we’ve enabled a few creative solutions for a complex challenge that will help alleviate some of the supply chain congestion.”

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