Tragedy in Port of Trelleborg

Image: Port of Trelleborg.
Image: Port of Trelleborg.

Dredger capsizes in Sweden — one crew member is missing, presumed dead.

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Details are emerging of an accident at the Port of Trelleborg in Sweden on 17th February, reports Safety4Sea. The dredger, Margrethe Fighter, capsized while working on a berth construction project for a ferry terminal at the port.

Lifeboats were immediately launched from a nearby Stena Line ferry and two crew members were recovered from the water and taken to hospital for observation. However, a third crew member remains missing and is presumed dead.

Commercial traffic at the port was briefly halted as the dredger was a hazard to navigation and divers attempted to find the missing seafarer but without success. Commenting on the capsize, rescue commander, Torbjörn Krokström, said the chances of finding someone alive were small.

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