New Zealand to Introduce High-speed Electric Hybrid Ferry

Image: Fullers360
Image: Fullers360

New Electric Hybrid Ferry for New Zealand to be Built


Fullers360 a ferry operator in Auckland, New Zealand has announced that its picked designer Incat Crowther and New Zealand shipbuilder Q-West to build its very first electric hybrid fast ferry.

Q-West is not scheduled to start construction on the project until April 2022 and Fullers360 doesn’t expect the vessel to be in operation until 2023.

The electric ferry will have the capacity to carry an estimated 300 passengers and will run on the HamiltonJet electric-hybrid propulsion control system in order to reduce carbon emissions by 75,000kg per year on its designated route.

“Our vision is to provide New Zealand with the opportunity to build and operate the world’s first large-scale fast ferry fleet, supported by a fleet of hydrogen-ready electric vessels. The move to green ferry technology is a significant milestone in realizing our long-held vision and commitment to delivering sustainable marine transport for Auckland and other regions,” stated Fullers360’s CEO, Mike Horne.

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