Evergreen trumps HMM by 28 teu

Image: Evergreen.
Image: Evergreen.

Evergreen’s Ever Ace will become the world’s largest boxship when it enters service in July, beating HMM’s latest megamaxes by 28 teu.


The 23,992 teu boxship, Ever Ace will become the world’s biggest containership when it is delivered by Samsung Heavy Industries in July.

It will beat HMM’s latest megamaxes with by an extra 28 teu, but don’t expect the record to stand for long — the title of “world’s largest boxship” has been beaten annually for the last five years.

The new vessel will ply Evergreen’s CEM service connecting Asia and Northern Europe and is the first in a series of 10 new ships that Evergreen will receive from Samsung in Korea and CSSC in China this year and next.

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