EnTrust Global launches maritime holdings firm

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EnTrust Global launched Purus Marine.

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Asset management firm EnTrust Global announced the launch of Purus Marine. Purus is a new maritime holding company that owns environmentally advanced vessels and the development of infrastructure equipment and other long-term to high-quality end users.

Per a press release, the company services a wide range of maritime sectors, including industrial shipping, ferry, offshore wind, and environmental remediation. Julian Proctor will serve as the CEO and a board member.

“As the maritime industry confronts the challenges of climate change, Purus Marine is strongly positioned to meet our customers’ increasing demands for low-carbon vessels and equipment,” said Proctor.

Purus Marine has also formed its first partnership with Damen Shipyards Group of The Netherlands. The partnership is called DP Lease, which will focus on owning electric and hybrid-electric ferries, towage, harbor, and other equipment.

“We are excited to launch Purus Marine and make an immediate and measurable impact on reducing carbon emissions and pollutants from the maritime industry. Our mission is to support the industry’s transition to a zero-carbon and sustainable future,” said Gregg S. Hymowitz, CEO and Chairman of EnTrust Global, and Chairman of the Board of Purus Marine.

EnTrust Global is a financial security asset manager. The company manages $19.8 billion in assets under management for over “500 institutional investors.”

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