Tankers to get shoreside power at Port of Gothenburg

Image: Port of Gothenburg.
Image: Port of Gothenburg.

Key Swedish port expands shoreside power facilities to reduce combustion emissions.


Sweden’s Port of Gothenburg has extended its shoreside energy infrastructure to its Energy Port, which will give tankers access to shore power for the first time. It is estimated the initiative will reduce carbon emissions from the port’s activities by 1,800 tonnes per year.

The port said it is working with a number of shipping companies to establish a shore-to-ship interface that is unique to tankers and safe to use in the vicinity of volatile liquids and gases.

Jörgen Wrennfors, production development engineer at Gothenburg Port Authority, said:

“We are about to take the next crucial step by connecting tankers to shoreside power points. Doing so in an explosive environment is more complicated, and the Port of Gothenburg looks as if it will become the first port in the world to offer this option.

“The hope is that other ports will follow suit, creating a basis for a shoreside power standard in explosive environments.”

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