Rare “Glass Octopus” Found in the Ocean

Credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute
Credit: Schmidt Ocean Institute

Researchers Astonished at the New Found Transparent Species

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A sea species you don’t see every day — or ever — was discovered by marine scientists at the Schmidt Ocean Institute. 

Nearly-transparent, researchers are saying that it appears the only thing you can see on the animal is its optic nerve, eyeballs, and digestive track.

The dive took place at the Winslow reef complex in the Phoenix Islands Archipelago, where the Tokelau Ridge is located. 

Shared in a video on Twitter, a non-profit group showed the “glass octopus” that the organization’s researchers observed in the Pacific Ocean last month.

Until now, little or no footage of the glass octopus has been available, so researchers had to gather information about the animal by investigating its predators’ gastrointestinal contents.

Dr. Jyotika Virmani, executive director of Schmidt Ocean Institute stated, “Working with scientists and local researchers, this expedition is a remarkable example of the frontiers of science and exploration that we are able to support.”

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