Saudi Officials Run Maritime Emergency Disaster Training

Photo by Oliver Paaske/Unsplash
Photo by Oliver Paaske/Unsplash

Maritime Disaster Emergency Training Completed by Saudi Authorities

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On December 22 with government officials, border guards, generals and other agencies on stand-by monitoring, Saudi authorities conducted various exercises and drills to further prepare and train for maritime emergencies that may possibly consist in the waters.

Using a McDonnell Douglas MD-90 aircraft carrying 150 passengers, including cabin crew, Saudi officials ran a scenario drill near the shore of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for an estimated 2 hours which included practice fuel spills, fires and retrieving injured passengers as these are some of the maritime disasters that can possibly take place after an aircraft crashes into the water.

Gen. Mohammad bin Abdullah Al-Shehri stated, “Through these exercises, we aim to reach the highest international levels in search and rescue operations. A plane evacuation scenario was implemented despite the rare occurrence of these disasters. However, it was implemented by following international standards.”

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