Russian Navy to Run Drills for All Fleets Over Next Two Months

Photo by Bex Ghani/Unsplash
Photo by Bex Ghani/Unsplash

Exercises and Drills Announced for All of Russia’s Navy Fleet


On January 20 Russia made an announcement that beginning in January continuing through February an overhaul of drills and exercises will take place throughout the Pacific and Atlantic waters as they’ll be in Russia waters and move out to the Mediterranean, the North Sea and northeast Atlantic Ocean for others.

The Ministry of Defense released a statement to advise and estimated 140 warships and support vessels will be called, 60 planes, 1,000 units of military hardware and around 10,000 servicemen will be used to conduct these drills.

On January 21 it was said that China and Iran conducted drills as well although separately.

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