Deep-sea rift settled

Image: DeepOcean.
Image: DeepOcean.

Offshore vessel owner, Havila and subsea provider, DeepOcean, have come to an agreement.

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A dispute between Havila, the offshore vessel owner and DeepOcean, the subsea services provider, has come to light after Havila said it had terminated a contract in December, reports MarineLink. The terminated contract concerned the Havila vessel, Havila Phoenix. Havila cited breach of contract and said it had sought payment.

Havila Phoenix has served DeepOcean since 2013 and the original deal included extension options beyond May 2023. However, Havila said that DeepOcean had sought protection under British law to wind up its UK-based activities, including the company that had chartered Havila Phoenix.

Havila said: “After having finalized the project Havila Phoenix was engaged in at receipt of the letter mentioned, Havila Shipping ASA has received no instructions regarding further use of the vessel… DeepOcean has, as a result of their activities, or lack of activities, ended up in breach of contractual obligations, including payment default.” 

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