India Makes History with their First Ever Manned Ocean Mission

Photo by Cristian Palmer/Unsplash
Photo by Cristian Palmer/Unsplash

The First Ever Manned Ocean Mission for India Announced


On October 29 India made history when they officially launched their first ever manned ocean mission called, “Samudrayan”.

The deep-sea vehicle to be used under the Samudryana initiative is called the Matsya 6000 which is forecasted to start trials in December 2024 beginning with shallow water dives before transitioning to deep waters.

The Matsya 6000 will consist of a titanium alloy personnel sphere that will have the space to hold three human beings for a 12 hour period with a maximum capacity of 96 hours in case any emergencies occur during deep ocean exploration and data collection.

The Union Minister Jitendra Singh tweeted, “Launched India’s First Manned Ocean Mission Samudrayan at Chennai. India joins an elite club of select nations USA, Russia, Japan, France & China having such underwater vehicles. A new chapter opens to explore ocean resources for drinking water, clean energy & blue economy.”

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