Pirate attack proves the importance of Danish frigate

Esbern Snare. Foto: Søværnet
Esbern Snare.

Thursday’s gunfight in the Gulf of Guinea illustrates how dangerous the area is and how critical the presence of the Danish frigate is. Danish Shipping is grateful for the efforts of the Danish soldiers.


The Danish frigate, Esbern Snare, was called into action not long after its arrival in the Gulf of Guinea. Yesterday, the frigate responded to reports of increased piracy risks in the waters south of Nigeria.

After having observed a suspicious motorboat with eight men onboard, the Frogman Corps was sent off in a high-speed RHIB boat. The Frogman Corps fired warning shots but was subsequently shot at, prompting the Danish soldiers to engage in a shootout, which resulted in the deaths of four pirates. One was injured.

“I am deeply grateful that the pirates were apprehended in time, and that our deployed soldiers with Esbern Snare performed their duty of safeguarding the crew onboard our vessels,” says Anne H. Steffensen, CEO of Danish Shipping.

Anne H. Steffensen is currently in Ghana with the Danish prime minister to visit the deployed soldiers with Esbern Snare.

“We have always said that the Gulf of Guinea is the world’s most dangerous water, and the situation of last night stresses the seriousness of the situation here. There is definitely a need for the presence of the Danish soldiers, and even though it may sound tough: piracy comes with a price,” says Anne. H. Steffensen.

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