OceanXplorer, the Ultimate Research Vessel

OceanXplorer advanced exploration, research and media vessel
The location in Rotterdam for the work done on OceanXplorer was chosen carefully, keeping the stability of the ship in mind. Image Courtesy - OceanXplorer OceanX website.

Two Dutch shipping firms have worked on one of the world’s finest research vessels.

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Maritime by Holland reports about the work done in Rotterdam by two Dutch shipbuilding enterprises on one of the most advanced media and research vessels seen to date.

MarQuip, a specialist in the exhaust systems for superyachts worked along with Damen, the South Holland-based shipbuilding conglomerate, on OceanXplorer, which is being touted as one of the finest ‘floating laboratories’ of its kind.

Originally just a deep-sea survey vessel, both companies played a major role in its eventual OceanXplorer avatar transformation.

At its very core, the job involved integrating an exhaust system that was IMO Tier III compliant, while abiding by the engine supplier’s stipulations.

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