Go Around the World in 274 Nights with Royal Caribbean

Photo by Fernando Jorge/Unsplash
Photo by Fernando Jorge/Unsplash

Royal Caribbean Takes a Chance with a 200+ Night Cruise


For the first time since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2019, a world cruise is being offered by Royal Caribbean.

A 274 night journey is being offered to travelers setting sail from Miami, Florida and returning over half a year later on their Serenade of the Seas calling it, “The Ultimate World Cruise”.

Depending on the package selected and if you’d like the full excursion, passengers can expect to pay between US$66,000 to $112,000 per person, plus taxes and fees.

The 13 deck ship is scheduled to sail in December 2023 and is expected to return in September 2024 with including stops in the Caribbean, Central and South America and even China and India to include Great Wall of China and the Taj Mahal.

Bookings are currently open.

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