Cruise Ship Detours Itinerary with Passengers Aboard

Arkivfoto: Ryan Johns / Unsplash

Cruise Vessel Headed for US Goes to Bahamas Instead


A cruise line is in serious trouble after owing debts and an estimated $4.6m in fuel and such, a Miami federal judge issued an arrest warrant and seizure of the vessel once it returned to the mainland as it was scheduled to be returning from sea on January 22.

The Crystal Symphony, chartered or managed by Crystal Cruises and Star Cruises instead headed for the Bahamas and is currently docked.

The passengers were provided a statement of “non-technical operational issues” as to the reason for the change of itinerary.

Passengers were either taken back to the US mainland by ferry ride which reached Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale, Florida or were flown back.

A passenger had written on Facebook, “We all feel we were abducted by luxurious pirates!”

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