Classified Ministry of Defence papers found at bus stop in Kent

Image: British Embassy, Georgia.
Image: British Embassy, Georgia.

Sodden pile of documents detailing Russian response to arrival of HMS Defender in Ukrainian waters found by


Classified defence documents containing details about the Royal Navy destroyer HMS Defender and Russia’s response to her arrival off Crimea have been found by a member of the public at a bus top in Kent. The incident has prompted an investigation by the MoD and calls for a security review from Labour.

The member of the public, who wishes to remain anonymous, handed in the classified documents containing emails and PowerPoint presentations to local authorities.

In a statement, the MoD said: “The Ministry of Defence was informed last week of an incident in which sensitive defence papers were recovered by a member of the public.

“The department takes the security of information extremely seriously and an investigation has been launched. The employee concerned reported the loss at the time. It would be inappropriate to comment further.”

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