US Navy Jet Crashes in Ocean Amid Landing Aboard Aircraft Carrier

(Photo via Twitter account of OedoSoldier)
(Photo via Twitter account of OedoSoldier)

7 Injured, Pilot Rescued After US Navy Jet Crashes in Ocean


Pictures and video circulating on social media from a F-35C jet crash that occurred on January 24 have been confirmed by the US Navy.

As the jet was coming in for landing aboard the USS Carl Vinson, the carrier takes a slight turn and the jet somehow misses the carrier, yet strikes an unknown object before smoke appears and the jet crash  lands in the ocean.

Seven sailors were said to have been injured in the incident where three of them needed to be medevaced to a nearby hospital in Manila, Philippines.

The pilot safely ejected and was airlift rescued by US military helicopter personnel and was listed in stable condition.

The US Navy has confirmed the incident.

Cmdr. Hayley Sims, a spokeswoman for the Navy’s 7th Fleet stated, “The ship has assessed that the video and photo covered in the media yesterday were taken onboard USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) during the crash.”

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