48 Cases of Covid-19 Announced Aboard Royal Caribbean Ship

Photo by Vladimir Fedotov/Unsplash
Photo by Vladimir Fedotov/Unsplash

Covid-19 Outbreak Among All Vaccinated Passengers on Cruise Ship


As the Royal Caribbean’s Symphony of the Seas ship docked in Miami, Florida to disembark from its 7 day cruise on December 18, it was announced that 48 passengers and crew aboard the vessel had become Covid-19 infected although it was required for all passengers 12 and up to be vaccinated before they could initially board.

Royal Caribbean announced that when they were notified of the infections on board, each individual who tested positive was sent to quarantine immediately. Six individuals took it a step further and when they were advised they had Covid-19, they disembarked in the middle of the voyage at one of the port stops and they were transported home instead.

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