Covid-19 claims life of unvaccinated Ukrainian mariner in his 30s

Singapore Harbour.
Singapore Harbour.

Singapore health ministry confirms 34-year-old passed away on Monday.


An unvaccinated Ukrainian seafarer has died from Covid-19 in Singapore. The mariner’s death was confirmed by Singapore’s health ministry who said the 34-year-old male passed away on Monday after developing fever, cough, and lethargy on 25th July.

The vessel on which the man worked docked at Singapore on 29th July. He developed breathing problems on 31st and was hospitalised on 1st August. Ministry official have not identified the vessel or the mariner.

The death is the latest in string of fatalities among mariners from the coronavirus and highlights the pressing need for a more comprehensive and globally coordinated vaccination programme for those working aboard ships and the wider maritime industry.

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