Costa Firenze handed over by Fincantieri

Image courtesy of Costa Cruises.
Image courtesy of Costa Cruises.

Interior of new cruise ship inspired by the Florentine Renaissance.

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In a year marked by grim news, helter-skelter economic predictions, and dark forebodings of tough times to come, the launch of a new luxury cruise ship may come as a surprise to many, but today the long-established yard, Fincantieri, announced the hand-over of the Costa Firenze to Costa Cruises.

Part of a plan to deliver seven new ships to Costa, the Firenze has a displacement of 135,000 gross tonnes and accommodation for 5,200 guests, and is the fourth of the seven ships to be delivered. 11 of Costa’s 14 ships currently operating were built by Fincantieri and together they represent a substantial indication of the enduring vitality of Italian shipbuilding.

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, said: “Costa Firenze is the third cruise ship we have delivered since September and we are pleased that the name of this unit recalls one of the most famous cities of art in Italy and in the world. The delivery is an important moment because it is the concrete demonstration that the company is getting back to its normal production activity…”

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