Shares in Royal Caribbean soar as holidays bookings rise

Image: Royal Caribbean.
Image: Royal Caribbean.

Vaccination roll-out stimulates travel confidence, bringing a pronounced uptick in holiday and cruise bookings.

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Royal Caribbean Group has seen its shares soar after a rise in bookings following vaccination roll-outs around the world. The company’s shares rose 9% in morning trading and are up 24% in the past five trading days, and Royal Caribbean said it has recorded a 30% increase in new bookings since the beginning of the year.

Carnival Group, Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd., and Royal Caribbean have all been tipped to gradually resume their normal schedules towards the send half of the year and Royal Caribbean said bookings for the first half of 2022 were within historical ranges.

Chief Executive Officer for Royal Caribbean, Richard Fain, said: “Now after 11 months of pandemic, I think we all know that COVID fatigue is real. People are clamouring for the opportunity to have experience outside their homes.”

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