Contships calls for armed guards after ship is smashed up by pirates

Image: Max Kleinen.
Image: Max Kleinen.

Greek manager of Contships New pleas for armed guards after crew of boarded vessel resists gunmen in the Gulf of Guinea.


The crew of the 2007-built boxship, Contship New, have successfully thwarted an attack by pirates in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG). The vessel’s managers are now calling for armed guards to accompany ships in order to save lives, reports Tradewinds.

The 1,100-teu vessel was boarded on Friday, 230nm SW of Bonny, Nigeria and contact was lost when the crew retreated to the citadel. Contships told Tradewinds that the seafarers “reacted extremely well due to their training”.

“The potential hijackers left the vessel after severe damages on the bridge and accommodation, including gunning and stealing equipment etc,” Contships added.

“All crew are safe and with the assistance of the Italian frigate Luigi Rizzo, Contship New resumed safely her passage to Lome. The frigate operated further to trace the pirates.”

The vessel’s managers said the situation in the GoG needs to “drastically change” if further incidents are to be avoided. Currently armed guards can only be allowed to join ship via arrangements with the Nigerian Navy.

“Armed guards must now be allowed on board to safeguard the crew, ship and cargo, and the authorities need to permit this without any further delay which endangers human life,” Contships said.

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