Nobu Su returns to prison for 24 months

Image: Youtube.
Image: Youtube.

Former TMT boss held in contempt of court after claiming insolvency but paying for two music videos starring his daughter.


The former shipowner Nobu Su has been sent back to prison after admitting to 20 new counts of contempt of court.

Su was committed to custody by Sir Michael Burton in London’s Pentonville Prison during a hearing on Tuesday and sentencing on Wednesday.

“I am satisfied that his conduct merits longer than the maximum sentence of 24 months,” Burton said.

“And [Su] is fortunate the law only permits a 24-month sentence. “

The ex-Today Makes Tomorrow (TMT) boss pleaded guilty to all of the new counts of contempt brought against him by claimant, Lakatamia Shipping, which is seeking to enforce payment of a court award made in their favour, totally nearly $60m.

Su has not paid any of the award and has failed to disclose his assets to the court. This is the third time he has been committed to prison.

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