Timber Still Ablaze Aboard Ship Near Sweden

Photo: Swedish Coast Guard
Photo: Swedish Coast Guard

3 Days of Continuous Timber Fire on Ship Near Sweden


On December 4 a fire broke out amongst the timber cargo aboard the MV Almirante Storni as it was traveling near the coast of Sweden.

Swedish Coast Guards deployed firefighting effort ships, private tugs, helicopters and other fire fighting measures yet the fire has continued to ravage onboard affecting only the timber as the main ship itself is still listed as in good condition.

Although the Swedish Coast Guard states they’ve got the flames under the control, they do believe this fire will continue for a few more days while it continues to be anchored near Vinga, an island off Gothenburg, Sweden.

Jonas Holmstrand, who is leading the Coast Guard’s efforts stated, “It is worrying that the fire has not been extinguished, but it has not spread and the ship’s condition is still good. Our efforts are therefore not fruitless, we take small steps forward while we plan for and prepare for the situation to turn around and escalate.”

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