New Fees at Southern California Ports to Curb Container Congestion

Port of Los Angeles, Photo by Barrett Ward/Unsplash
Port of Los Angeles, Photo by Barrett Ward/Unsplash

Ocean Carriers Face Fees for Containers at Southern California Ports


Ocean carriers will now face daily fees by the Long Beach and Los Angeles ports as a way to help curb the container congestion that has been building as of late due to the ongoing global shipping supply delays.

Fee’s range daily for excessive storage between 3-9 days of non movement of containers from $100usd per container and increasing in $100usd for each container per day thereafter.

This new policy will begin on November 1 to help hold ocean carriers responsible in the movement of their containers by truck or train to clear up terminal space.

Port of Los Angeles Executive Director said, “We must expedite the movement of cargo through the ports to work down the number of ships at anchor.”

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