Denmark Builds New Container Terminal

Photo by Catalina Johnson

New Container Terminal to be Built in Denmark by 2023

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Along with their new partners By & Havan, Copenhagen Malmo Port (CMP) and Ydre Port on July 14, revealed their intentions to establish a new container terminal in Ydre North Harbor, Denmark. The proposed terminal will be finished by 2023 and is expected to cost approximately $130 million.

When the new container terminal is completed, it will be relocated to Ydre Nordhavn. The new container terminal will be 165,000 sq. meters large, will have two new cranes, and a quay length of 550m.

After CMP witnessed a large loss during the pandemic even though the container terminal in Levantkaj was functioning for most of the year, the decision was made to close the terminal.

Barbara Scheel Agersnap, CEO of CMP said in her statement, “This ensures that Copenhagen retains the basis for its important container traffic, and a large workplace remains in the city.”

It also supports the EU’s mission to reduce emission rates in industrial processes. By positioning the terminal at a certain site together with a tunnel beneath Svanemølle Bay that is expected to be ready by 2027, better accessibility is achieved as well as shorter routes, hence reducing vehicle congestion.

An environmental impact assessment was completed previously by the partners and the project has since been given approval.

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